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Discover the cleanest & most efficient ocean energy on the planet.


Deliver Cost Effective Clean Energy to the Entire World 



We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Ocean Energy.


Ocean Swells To Energy has the potential to revolutionize the world's energy landscape. By harnessing the power of ocean swells we can create a virtually unlimited source of clean energy with a technology that is completely Green. Ocean swell energy can provide a reliable source of power, especially in coastal communities. The development of this ocean swell technologies can also create new job opportunities and stimulate economic growth, particularly in areas with strong ocean currents and swells. With proper investment and development, ocean swell energy will play a crucial role in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Ocean swells can be harnessed to create clean energy using energy converters that generate electricity without producing greenhouse gases or pollution. These converters work by capturing the kinetic energy of ocean swells and converting it into electrical energy that can be used to power homes and businesses. Ocean swell energy has the potential to become a significant source of clean energy, providing a reliable and consistent power source without harming the environment. 












Hydraulic pumps installed in the ocean can harm marine ecosystems by producing noise pollution that disrupts communication, navigation, and behavior of marine animals. They can also destroy habitats, cause fluid leaks that contaminate water, and increase vessel traffic that may lead to accidental collisions.


Batteries can have negative environmental impacts due to the extraction of minerals and metals, energy-intensive manufacturing processes, hazardous waste generation, and improper disposal. While recycling can help mitigate these impacts, it is not yet advanced enough to capture all valuable materials. Despite their benefits, batteries require proper management to reduce their negative environmental effects.



Ocean energy model, outside the box.


It's important to note that ocean swell energy and wave energy are actually two different forms of ocean energy. Ocean swell energy refers to the energy generated by the long, rolling waves that are created by distant storms. Wave energy, on the other hand, refers to the energy generated by the shorter, choppier waves that are created by local wind patterns.



Below, you can find a comprehensive list of power stations that utilize wave power. These power stations are categorized into eight different types of wave farms, which are determined based on the technology utilized. These eight types are Surface-following attenuator, Point absorber, Oscillating wave surge converter, Oscillating water column, Overtopping/Terminator, Submerged pressure differential, Bulge wave device, and Rotating mass.

Sotenäs Wave Power Station
Point Absorber
SINN Power Wave Energy Converter
Point Absorber
SDE Sea Waves Power Plant
Oscillating Wave Surge Converter
Runde Demo Site
Oscillating Water Column
Pico Wave Power Plant
Oscillating Water Column
United Kingdom
Orkney Wave Power Station
Oscillating Wave Surge Converter
Ocean RusEnergy
Small Scale
Mutriku Breakwater Wave Plant
Oscillating Water Column
United Kingdom
Islay Limpet
Oscillating Water Column
Gibraltar Wave Farm
Surface Attenuator
United States
BOLT Lifesaver
Point Absorber
United States
Point Absorber
Agucadoura Wave Farm
Surface-Following Attenuator
July 2008-November 2008
Ada Foah Wave Farm
Point Absorber

*Source: Wikipedia




Patented in the US

Patent pending pending in Brasil


Present Design - 1.5-2 (MW) Per Unit for a 16 inch swell. (can go bigger)


Point Absorber (no hydraulic pump and no batteries)





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Watch the short video below to get a basic understanding of how this invention works! 

  • What is the invention's unique selling proposition?
    The ocean is an abundant source of energy, capable of producing 300,000,000 Terawatts of power. This invention, is a technology that harnesses ocean swell energy, equipt with built-in memory it utilizes gears and shafts, operating continuously with the ocean swells. Unlike hydraulic systems that rely on oil, this invention does not use hydraulics, making it a more environmentally friendly option for generating energy. With its reliable 24/7/365 power supply, Ocean Swells To Wave Energy has the potential to become a game-changing source of renewable energy.
  • How does the invention work to generate power from waves? Can you explain the technology behind your wave-generated power invention?
    Swells are 26' apart so the unit will engage on the top of the swell and also on the down stroke as this is the mechanism for which I received part of my patent. My invention has an alternating generator that will send energy directly into the grid, I do not need a costly inventor to change from direct current to alternating current.
  • What is the estimated cost of building and deploying the invention? How does this compare to other wave energy technologies?
    At this time, for a unit to produce 2 MW of power from the ocean, building the unit, transporting and erecting on site (ocean), permitting legal fees (attorneys) local and government fees, etc., $20,000,000.00 (as explained in question 1).
  • What is the potential output capacity of the invention, and how scalable is it? How does this compare to other wave energy technologies?
    The oceans' power and capture depend on the size of the unit and the swell's height. (To work properly, 1 ft. 4" is required and that amount is available in all oceans.)
  • How does the invention compare to other wave-generated power technologies currently in use? What sets your invention apart from existing wave energy technologies?
    Need Comps showing the Different types of wave types of wave tech to make a visual
  • What is the expected lifespan of your invention, and what maintenance will be required over that time? What are the expected maintenance costs for the invention?
    As with any and all gears, shifts, and springs maintenance is only some grease. Maintained properly, life expectancy is many years. Materials that are impervious to saltwater (which there are new types). Maintenance cost will be less than anything that is out there now. For instance, hydraulics can break a hydraulic line (oil spill), hydraulic pistons blow a seal (oil spill). If the unit breaks a toots on the gear, weld a new one on or replace the gear but it will still keep producing energy.
  • What are the potential environmental impacts of your invention, and have you conducted any environmental impact assessments?
    As far as nature such as storms, etc., out of my control but same goes with any other energy producer. If by the act of nature, my unit sinks in a severe storm, it will have less impact on the ocean than if a ship sinks. Reason being ships have oil & gas or diesel fuel on board. My unit has no effect on marine life, even less than wind farms.
  • What kind of patents or intellectual property protections are in place for the invention?
    I have a US patent #8,648,485B1, issued February 11, 2014.
  • Who are the key competitors in the wave-generated power market, and how does the invention differentiate itself?
    Competitions include solar but maximum efficiency is 27%, wind but maximum efficiency is 32% and all other that use the ocean use hydraulics. This unit is the most efficient as the swells never stop so I have constant production of energy.
  • What are the projected revenue streams and potential ROI for investors?
    Revenue stream depends on location of units, such as what countries and which grid connect to. ROI also depends on what the grid is paying to their (us) supplier and what they are charging customers.
  • What is the current stage of development for the invention, and what are the milestones for future development?
    A small prototype that definitively shows and explains that it produces energy. Electric Co. in Virginia, California stated they will buy all it can produce but they don't build energy plants. The ambassador of Ghana in Africa, their ambassador said when one is up and working, he along with the minister of technology want to meet and discuss possibly putting units on their coastline. The Bahama Islands are interested as they are still using WWII oil fired energy.
  • What are the key regulatory requirements for deploying the invention, and what are the potential hurdles to obtaining necessary permits?
    In the USA, we have to contend with EPA, Army Corps Of Engineering, DEP, Conservation. This is the reasoning for environment attorneys for permitting. Other countries are not as strict.
  • What is the target market for the invention, and how will it be marketed?
    The targeted market is every country that uses electricity as the ones that have ocean frontage will more than likely sell energy to countries without frontage. Marketing will be done by marketing agency that is familiar with energy. TBD
  • What are the potential challenges of integrating the invention into the existing power grid or energy infrastructure?
    Negotiating with the power companies that own the grid, we believe they will be receptive.
  • What is the potential size of your invention.
    The size depends on how much output that is needed utilizing the swells of the ocean and for a comparison, an aircraft carrier is hundreds of feet long, some thousands and they are moved by the ocean swells just like any other ship. So size and movement is equal to torque which in turn is equal to horse power. The unit can be made to any logical size and produce MG's of power.
  • Have you conducted any tests or trials of your invention, and what were the results?
    Only using my prototype which shows how it works and produces energy.
  • What is the level of interest from potential customers or partners, and have you received any funding or support to date?
    A demonstration was held for 35 investors, after the presentation was finished there was a standing ovation and they all said when one is in the water producing energy to a grid they all want to invest. From this meeting, it was realized we don't need an investor but an entrepreneur who can see the potential and the return to them, not only their percentage like an investor.
  • For an investment of approximately US$ 20 Million, how much energy will be generated?
    For $20,000,000.00 US Dollars the unit has been priced to develop 1.5 to 2 MGW of power.
  • How many people would this serve an estimated population? 
    As far as how many people that depends on how much energy they use. So you could divide the KW used into the MGW and that will give you the amount of people/houses that it will serve as I personally don't know how Brazil's power plants are run.
  • How many power generation “plants” will be installed with an investment of US$ 20 Million?
    Only 1 unit can be made as there is much more involved here in america as we have strict EPA laws along with Army Corp of Engineers, DEP regulations so part of the finances will go for Attorneys legal and environmental fees.
  • How will this energy be distributed?
    Using Ocean Swells To Energy's patented technology the energy that the unit produces will be transferred directly into the Grid then the Grid will transfer it to their end users.
  • Has the technology been tested? What were the results in terms of numbers? 
    A small prototype has been made which shows that the concept works. Information was sent to a professor of engineering at a university who calculated using the formula and he came up with the size of the unit to produce the 1.5 to 2 MGW. Please remember the ocean is not like the wind or sun that only has a maximum efficiency of 27% for solar and 32% for wind, the ocean has 100% efficiency as the ocean swells never stop also my unit is no more harmful to the ocean than a buoy.
  • Is the technology ready to be implemented?
    All that is needed is funding , a grant has been applied for from the US Gov. or an entrepreneur/investor's ( please understand in America we have union wages to contend with along with some very strong laws) we went with the 1.5 to 2 MGW as that is more than most other countries have at this time but please remember that the ocean is the most powerful natural force on earth with 300 million TWs of power to be captured.) also if you were ever in any type of military ship you would know the power of the ocean.
  • Para um investimento de aproximadamente US$ 20 M, quanto de energia será gerado?
    Por US$ 20.000.000,00, a unidade foi avaliada para desenvolver 1.5 a 2 MGW de potência.
  • Isso atenderia uma população estimada em quantas pessoas?
    No que diz respeito a quantas pessoas, isso depende de quanta energia elas usam. Assim, você pode dividir o KW usado pelo MGW e isso lhe dará a quantidade de pessoas / casas que servirá, pois eu pessoalmente não sei como funcionam as usinas brasileiras.
  • Quantas “usinas”de geração de energia será instaladas com um investimento dessa monta?
    Apenas 1. unidade pode ser feita, pois há muito mais envolvido aqui na América, pois temos leis estritas da EPA junto com o Corpo de Engenheiros do Exército, regulamentos do DEP, então parte das finanças irá para honorários legais e ambientais dos advogados
  • Como dar-se-á a distribuição dessa energia?
    Usando minha tecnologia, a energia que a unidade será transferida diretamente para a rede, então o Gris irá transferi-la para seus usuários finais.
  • A tecnologia já foi testada? Quais foram os resultados em termos de números?
    No que diz respeito ao teste, fiz um pequeno protótipo que mostra que o conceito funciona, então enviei minhas informações para um professor de engenharia em uma universidade que calculou usando a fórmula e ele veio com o tamanho da unidade para produzir o 1,5 a 2 MGW. Por favor, lembre-se de que o oceano não é como o vento ou o sol, que só tem uma eficiência máxima de 27% para energia solar e 32% para vento, o oceano tem 100% de eficiência, pois as ondas do oceano nunca param e minha unidade não é mais prejudicial ao oceano do que uma bóia.
  • A tecnologia já está pronta para ser implementada?
    Sim, tudo o que estou esperando é financiamento, pois acabei de solicitar uma bolsa do governo dos EUA ou de um empresário/investidor (também espero que você entenda que na América temos salários sindicais para enfrentar junto com alguns muito fortes leis) Eu só fui com 1,5 a 2 MGW, pois é mais do que a maioria dos outros países tem neste momento, mas lembre-se de que o oceano é a força natural mais poderosa da Terra, com 300 milhões de TWs de energia a serem capturados.) Também se você já esteve em qualquer tipo de navio militar, você conheceria o poder do oceano. Se você tiver outras perguntas, sinta-se à vontade para perguntar, pois trabalho com a energia oceânica desde o início dos anos 80 e finalmente descobri como obter a energia constante e ininterrupta.
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